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When you join eXp Realty, you become part of a global family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate experience. Learn more about how we empower our agents with world-class education, strategic partnership and stock awards.


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One Stop Shop wealth management. TransGlobal Holding Company has over 30 years of experience in financial planning.

TransGlobal together with eXp is the best combination!!

Physical Locations | Strong Professional Support Team | Multiple Cross-Referral Opportunities

  • eXp Realty
    1. Revenus Sharing
    2. No Franchise Fee
    3. Cap $16,000 (Residential)
    4. NO office expenses
    5. Virtual office
    6. Top Producer sharing
    7. 50-70 hours Training sessions per week
  • TransGlobal
    1. Language support
    2. Multiple Cross-Referral opportunities
    3. Physical & Virtual Offices
    4. Ease of collaboration with other eXp & TG agents

Who is TransGlobal

TransGlobal Holding Company has over 30 years of experience in financial planning and management, aiming to serve the Asian communities in the U.S. With the vision of president and owner Philip Hu, the company excelled against the trend during the financial crisis from 2008 to 2009. While other financial companies tightened their businesses, President Philip Hu actively enlarged his business by recruiting nationwide talent and launching new branches. In just a few years, TransGlobal expanded beyond California to the East Coast, establishing branches in 25 major cities with vigorous growth that span 9 states, including California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Washington, and Hawaii. From the West Coast to the East Coast, TransGlobal’s financial planning professionals are now better able to serve their clients.

No. 1 Largest Asian General Agency in the U.S.


Years of Experience


Independent Agents


Full-time Staff


Offices Across


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Professional and complete All-In-One service for the clients to enjoy.

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Various opportunities to make and earn income

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Cascading Revenue Share

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eXp Revenue Share Explained

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Equity Opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to join Translgobal | eXp Realty

  • 1. How to sign up and what is the startup fee

    - Startup fee is $149.00. (Include first month’s monthly fee and $44 credit for new agent starter package for business card)

  • - Monthly fee is $85.
    - KVCore, Skyslope, eXp University & Workplace by facebook.

  • - Commission split is 80/20 until you reach annual cap of $16,000.
    - FLQA (active agent) – must have done either 2 transactions or $5,000 in gross commission income in the last 6 months.

  • - All new licensees or those who have not completed three transactions within the previous 12-month period.
    - Each mentee is paired with an experienced agent who is a certified Mentor. This pairing occurs shortly after a new agent’s license is transferred to eXp Realty. Members of the Mentor Program team match mentees with mentors who share their geographic area.
    - First three transaction commission splits will be 60%/40%. After graduating from the Mentor Program, spilt will be 80%/20% until capped.

  • - Agent can choose from many of the template provide by eXp in the agent portal.
    - eXp Preferred Marketing Partner:

  • - eXp World is the virtual office for all eXp agent to find all the answers to these questions regarding eXp.
    - To download eXp world: on the "Download for PC" button.
    - All classes and recording for training can be access form eXp world eXp university. There about 50-70 hrs of live training every week can be access from eXp university.

  • - Revenue sharing is paid out on the 22nd of the month following the month the Revenue Share was earned


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